Reading CSV Data and Ignoring NA’s

When coming from one scripting language and going to another it is usually a matter of just finding the function name that will do what you want, well R Programming doesn’t easily allow for that. The syntax is quite different since it was designed to handle nothing but data.

Reading CSV:

fileData <- read.csv( thisFilePath )

Remove columns with NULL or NA items:

# This will set cleanRows to Only have useable data
# The comma at the end is required
cleanRows <- fileData[complete.cases(fileData),]

# If you want to count the number of Rows
rowCount <- nrow(cleanRows)

CloudPlayer Pro Stopping Video

Are you needing to stop (or start) a Cloud Player Pro video with JavaScript?

I was! The problem is that the Player Id changes on every refresh of the page. This means that the first order of business is to get the variable ID, then invoke the stop() , or start() functions.

The easiest way I found around doing this is to use the jQuery each() function to step through all the div’s to find the Cloud Player div.

Then you just have to use that ID within the Global window[].


jQuery(document).ready(function() { 

  jQuery("div").each(function() {
    if ( jQuery(this).attr("id") && jQuery(this).attr("id").substr(0, 11) == "CloudPlayer" ) {
      CloudPlayerId = jQuery(this).attr("id");
      return false;

  jQuery("#UIYour-Button").on("click", function() {
    window["player" + CloudPlayerId].stop();


Google Experiments – The Good, Bad & Ugly

Google Experiments

Google closed their original A/B Split testing platform Google Optimizer on August 2012 and replaced it with Google Experiments. Was it a good thing? The Good Experiments is integrated with Google Analytics, which increases it’s functionality from the Optimizer days. This makes it easier since we now only have 1 place to log in to. […]

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For Business Photos… Use Actual Employees!

Customer Service

One of the easiest way to let people know that you’re not a serious company is to use stock photos. It becomes very clear when using the same people we have seen all over the internet. Let’s take the girl on the right for example. I figure we had seen enough of her. I am […]

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Fastest way to get something indexed by Google

I have been building websites since 1998, yes that is a long time, I have built up a pretty vast knowledge of how they work. You might say, “I have a very particular set of┬áskills” which allows me to find ways to break websites solely for the purpose of either avoiding those problems, or fixing […]

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Using Analytics Events to Answer: “What are users clicking?”

In this Google Analytics (GA) Events Example I will be showing how to figure out where people are clicking. On many sites there are a variety of ways for someone to get from one page to another. In this example we look at a home page example that has 4 links above the fold that […]

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Google to Discontinue iGoogle!

It’s funny how things unravel. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes just coincidentally. Yesterday Marissa Mayer is announced to be the next CEO of Yahoo! starting today. This causes more buzz for Yahoo! in 15 minutes than Yahoo has created for themselves in 5 years. Early today I went to my iGoogle home page to find a […]

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File / Directory Sizes in Linux

Just a few notes for anyone who has the luck of playing server admin. This is not a full list, just things I happened to be playing with when I wrote this. Comment below if you think something should be added. Mounted Partition Sizes df -H Directory Sizes du -H . For a specific directory […]

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Google Chrome Tracking Your Every Move

As an SEO it is useful for me to have browser with multiple personas so I can see how things change based on what has happened previously. I use Firefox as my primary browser, IE for different types of searches, and Google Chrome as my “never click on anything because it will alter your next […]

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Cox DVR Problems… Are they really, “Your Friend In The Digital Age?”

Note: They did provide a solution to this issue, it turns out that the older “Scientific America Explorer”, and “Cisco HD” boxes use the same software which is known to Cox to be a problem. The only real solution so far has been to upgrade to the new “Whole Home DVR” receiver which uses a […]

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